Can one GULP moment make you or break you?

A few years ago I was a guest on KDKA-TV’s “Pittsburgh Today Live,” a popular morning talk show, to discuss my book Play Your Bigger Game.

Little did I know that moments before going “live” something would happen that would potentially jeopardize this wonderful opportunity to share my work in the world.

I arrived at the station just prior to my call time, feeling happy and confident. In the “Green Room” I met fellow guest Lynda.

Lynda asked me what I would be talking about. I told her I wrote a book called Play Your Bigger Game, and then it happened… she asked what it was about. A fair question, right?

I froze. I panicked. I could not speak. Words would not come out of my mouth. I just wrote a new book, published by Hay House, a well-respected publisher, and I couldn’t speak or answer questions about my book.

What was happening to me? I’d spoken about The Bigger Game for 12+ years around the world. I’d delivered keynotes and workshops to large and small audiences every week. The topic is always right on the tip of my tongue. But not in that moment.

My eventual response to Lynda? “Oh you’ll hear about it on the show. What are you here to talk about?” That took the pressure off of me and Lynda gladly started talking.

What an incredibly painful moment. I felt so deflated, so disempowered, so out of my league, so not-ready-for-live television. If I couldn’t talk about my book in the Green Room, how in the world would I be able to on live television?

Just after my awkward exchange, I raced to the nearest bathroom, looked in the mirror and was all of a sudden reminded of what I know and do best. In the mirror’s reflection, I saw what I was carrying in my hand: The Bigger Game Board.

My Bigger Game methodology – a simple game reminiscent of a tic-tac-toe board – was designed to help you move forward in your life. I believe that life is a game that is all made up, and the Bigger Game keeps you on track and moving toward what you want to create. When things go astray, and they will at some point in time, it’s a great tool.

GULP is one of the squares on the Game Board. GULP is that moment when you feel a little scared, a little overwhelmed yet excited, all at the same time. This is my favorite square to teach, and in this moment in the bathroom, I was experiencing it! A classic GULP moment: I was scared and excited – all at once. This resulted in my inability to formulate a single word. Simply realizing this diminished the feeling, and allowed me to pull myself together.

I teach that if you don’t have a GULP moment every once in awhile, you aren’t playing big enough in your life (don’t you just hate it when what you teach comes back to bite you?!).

At this point, I was starting to breath a bit easier. Just as I was called to the set, I gave one last glance at the Game Board and specifically to the ALLIES square.

What if you considered everything that happens to you, good or bad, and every person you meet, friend or foe, to be an ally? It hit me that Lynda was an ally. She woke me up without even realizing it. The show itself was an ally by allowing me the chance to spread my message. Knowing they were on my side allowed me to stop worrying about what I would say, how I looked, and how I should sit. Instead, it gave me permission to just be myself and talk about a subject I love.

Your allies are everywhere. Don’t be afraid to lean into them when you need help.

I’m happy to say that the interview went well. I felt like a champion!

Which brings me back to you. Here’s what I know: We’re all champions! You are worthy of a life greater than you can imagine. Dare to dream it. Dare to live it. And know that there will be some bumps along the way. Don’t let that hold you back!

Find your Bigger Game. And make it real in your life.

More to come-

PS – You can watch my KDKA-TV interview by clicking here.

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