Be Counter Intuitive—Now more than ever!

The universe is always doing two things at the same time: contracting or expanding.

This whole idea of contracting and expanding has been on my mind a lot these past few days.

All of a sudden, we are all living in a very different world. Should we contract? Or should we expand?

The normal tendency right now is to contract. Which makes absolute perfect sense. We are staying home, and temporarily shrinking our lives to hopefully stay safe and healthy. And that’s obviously a really good thing.

But what are your internal thoughts doing right now? Contracting or expanding?

Are you shrinking your creative thinking?
Are you shrinking your daydreaming?
Are you shrinking your creativity to generate income?
Are you shrinking your hunger to live a full, rich life?

I believe that we are each born with creativity as a default superpower. And now more than ever, it’s really time to turn up your superpower.

I believe that now is the time to become counter-intuitive. Good investors are often counter-intuitive. They usually take risks – they buy when everyone else is selling and vice versa.

In terms of your health and wellbeing, it is completely appropriate to contract right now. But at the same time, I believe it is also time to expand your internal life.

What does that mean?

It means to journal about a luminous future. It means to perhaps start that book that has been calling to you for years. It means it’s time to ask for help about what a new passion based vocation might look like. It means to expand your dormant creative ideas that are just waiting to be expanded upon. Now is the time.

And let me address this very important topic: In the midst of all the loss that is going on around us… loss of life, loss of freedom, loss of income, loss of jobs, loss of relationships… it feels incredibly awkward and somewhat selfish to give your “dreaming self” much time and energy.

Let me offer this… remember how I said earlier that both contraction and expansion are going on at the same time, all the time? You must apply that same concept to yourself. Loss is happening and creativity is happening at the same time. And they must.

We must honor with huge respect, compassion and heart the losses, yet not be consumed by them. Creativity is birthed out of the ashes; we all know this.

So, my mindset tip this week is to be counter-intuitive and remind yourself to be with the contraction that is happening and balance it by bringing expansive thinking and ideas to your day.

With so much love, compassion and peace for our entire world,
Rick T.


  • susan gleeson Reply

    Hi Rick,
    I completely agree with what you are saying!
    For me, although I have had the ability to blog on my website for years, i only blogged once a year or so only! With being home, not able to go to my expressive arts/ life coaching studio space, I have had the time to tap into whatIi am thinking and feeling, and then the energy and the motivation to share that with the world. Now the ideas are coming fast and furious for what I want to share, and I have been blogging every other day or so. I am on a roll, because I have been made to sit quietly in my home office! Contraction has indeed led to expansion in my life!

    • Rick Reply

      Sue– sending you and yours much ease, peace and health….and loads of creative expression as we all find our way through this pain filled crisis.
      Glad to hear more is coming through you these days.
      Much love always,

  • Cindy Andrews Reply

    Rick thanks as always for sharing your thoughts. Virtual hugs to you and Chuck.
    I believe our challenge today is supporting those on our teams – family, community, work to see the opportunity in learning something new or reading that book as you suggested. And some of our folks do see this as an opportunity to do just that but others that are so accustomed to that external energy, finding ways to support folks that are missing those external connections. And of course, we all need to support all of our front line service workers and those supporting the hungry and the homeless. Quite the opportunity indeed for all of us!

    • Rick Reply

      Hi Cindy,
      So agree…thank you for your good work in all of this. And sending you and yours ease, peace, love and health as we all be with and create new paradigms of living from this incredibly challenging time in our history.
      Much love,

  • Gretchen Nortz Reply

    Yes! This is the time to expand our internal Life. Thank You for sharing Your insight. Love and Light to You and Chuck!

  • Debby Lissaur Reply

    Beautiful. Much love to you and Chuck.

  • Lynn Young Reply

    I’ve been naturally reaching for the ‘wave riding’ metaphor lately—which dovetails so nicely, Rick, with your naming of the both/and expanding and contracting that IS really taking place, isn’t it! Wave in, wave out. Rogue wave! Riding all. No guarantee, but being alive in water is gift. Breathing in. Breathing out. Seeing what wants to be born right now. (And eating Ben and Jerry’s—oh that’s a different expanding!) Love and gratitude for your wisdom, generosity and spirit!

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