Success Secrets: I keep learning these things are important

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How you “be” and what you “do” are both equally important when it comes to your success.

Being is about how you reflect on what you’re doing. It’s about your thought patterns and your overall view of how things work.

Doing is carrying out a series of tasks. It’s the actions and the steps you’re taking to get something done.

I keep learning that both being and doing are equally important and needed.

Over time, I created a list of BEING and DOING tips that I use when I find myself stuck, confused and/or unmotivated. I pull them out and they help me to focus my attention. I share them with you in hopes that they’ll do the same.


  • Stop having everything about your work be so precious and needing to be so profound.
  • Stop worrying less by sharing more.
  • The best antidote to doubt is a strategic plan.
  • Lack of confidence comes from erosion of trust in self. Lack of trust in self comes from not doing what I said I would do today. Too many days of this in a row and it makes total sense that we feel bad about ourselves… we are not count-on-able with self.
  • When I have my business owner hat on, which is every day, I cannot afford to make excuses for why I did not do something. Those excuses cost me both emotionally and economically!
  • Faster decision making is the fastest path to success… it’s not about making the right decisions. Make a decision and then make your decision right!
  • One place overwhelm comes from is the piling up and snow ball effect of tasks that we get behind on.


  • Let numbers and calendars design your life. Create weekly number goals and then put time on the calendar to do the tactics to make those numbers come true. Some of us have a great relationship with abundance, yet, we have a really bad relationship with our numbers… specifically our money numbers.
  • Find two places where you can SHOW UP and share your insights. There are so many places to do that both live and virtual.
  • Stop wondering if things are GOING to work. Go do them and then LEARN quickly if they worked or not.
  • Outsource everything you can that takes you away from your business expansion time.  SERIOUSLY!
  • Go get help—hire a mentor to support you in getting your good work out there. The moment I did this, everything started to change for me.

Here’s to your success!

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