Creative versus Reactive

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Last week, my partner and I were having a great morning watching the return of Robin Roberts to Good Morning America, our favorite morning coffee-time ritual. Twenty minutes into the broadcast, I decided to ask Chuck about a financial topic that needed to be addressed with our financial team. Now, money is not one of my most lucid topics, I must admit, so the topic does come loaded for me at most times.

Chuck’s response to my question was not what I wanted to hear and I could feel my heart race and my blood pressure rise. I could tell I was having a pure unadulterated reactive moment. “Why did he say that? What is up with him? Doesn’t he understand my viewpoint on this is right?” There was not a creative thought within 1000 miles of me in that moment.

And needless to say, the lovely energy of watching Robin on GMA was sadly ruined. (We did get it back later on, thanks to TIVO.) And this was just the beginning of my day. There were many other moments throughout the day that I could simply feel how I was not my most resourceful, creative self. I was simply being reactive to all that was said to me and all that was happening. At the dry cleaners, Starbucks, and the list goes on. And I noticed it did not change until I shifted my thoughts and patterns to a creative mode rather than my ego-driven reactive mode. It was like a switch had to be turned on, or off, for that matter.

So that’s what I did, and it was that easy. It is a choice to be reactive or creative in your day. Great leaders are creating from what is happening. Bad leaders are simply reactive and judging all that is going on. It is the difference between being in flow with your day or being in resistance with your day. Do notice today… are you being reactive to things, words that are said to you, opinions by others, etc., or are you creating from what is happening. This may be hard to grasp in words right now, yet I know you know what it feels like. Just take a moment and notice when you partner or close friend totally tweaks you. That is a reactive moment! Not a bad thing that it happens – just notice – and flip that switch to the creator that you are. Reactors can blow up and destroy. Creators manifest.


  • Dan Reply

    Hey Rick- Creative vs Reactive…that is such a fascinating way to look at it and your words have helped me already today, as I have been barreling through things. You got me to slow down and think, and I feel so much more creative towards the end of this day… thanks!! Best, Dan

  • Dan Weaver Reply

    Hey Rick- Creative vs Reactive– what a great way to look at how we can choose to handle things. I was barreling through things today–feeling stressed and reactive–and you got me to slow down and think. I have gotten so much more done today…and feel creative as I head into the weekend. Thanks! Dan

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