Feeling the isolation of a soul-based entrepreneur

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I love working from home. Most days.

Typically I start my day with a quiet walk and a cup of coffee. Then I segue to client calls, group trainings, and planning sessions for my next event. Most of my days end with some jogging or sprinting.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, okay if I were to be honest, there’s one thing that seems to be rarely addressed and yet it’s always present.

And if you’re a soul-based entrepreneur like I am, you might experience it as well.


On those days that I don’t have many scheduled client calls, or no group trainings, it’s super easy for me to start feeling disconnected and isolated. Then, I can start to doubt myself, my coaching skills, and my ability to keep my business afloat.

I keep learning that this is common! UGH. When I don’t see and interact with people during my day, it can all just go south. Can you relate at all?

I truly love working from home, yet some basic things like “water cooler talk” in an office setting go missing. When things go missing for me, I tend to pull from one of these ideas:

I schedule a group call quickly. It’s the quickest way to get in front of a human. Even if only one person shows up. For me, a group call – on any topic – is just what the doctor ordered.

I remember self-care. Sometimes it’s just best to walk away to shake things up. It can feel extravagant for me to leave my office and actually go out somewhere for lunch!

I call my coach. My new favorite thing is the Marco Polo app, and I use it regularly to check in with my coach and clients. It’s like instant gratification.

I remember where I’ve been. OMG in my 30+ years, I’ve truly accomplished a lot. I give myself permission to look back, reflect and feel accomplished.

So that’s what I do – it helps remind me that I’m not really alone in all of this. What about you? What do you do?


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  • Ruthie Urman Reply

    Great question, Rick! Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I go for a walk with the doooog. Sometimes I listen to music 🎼 ; music really helps me a lot. Sometimes I cook up some thing Amazing. And sometimes I get into my writing, some thing I ought to have done in the first place…!

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