A Red Letter Day!

photoToday – Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013 – is a red-letter day for me. Hay House Publishing is releasing my new book Play Your Bigger Game!

And to think it almost didn’t happen.

I had convinced myself that I would never have a book published with a major publishing house. I didn’t understand the process. The whole idea of it was overwhelming. Especially when I would visit Amazon and see literally thousands and thousands of self-help related books. I thought, “Who in the world would want to read my book?”

I’d developed this “story” that I didn’t have a book in me: “I’m a much better speaker that a writer. What major publisher would want my book?” I stayed with that self-limiting story for a long time, even though my friends and allies were encouraging me to create an inspirational guide for playing The Bigger Game.

I love to inspire others with The Bigger Game and in particular the Allies square, and yet a couple of years ago I was afraid to ask for help and actually practice what I preach!

One day I finally reached out to Adora English, a friend and a former television producer who now serves as a media-savvy consultant.

“I’m ready to take the Bigger Game to the world,” I told her.

“I’ve been waiting years for this call,” Adora said.

That one fateful phone call set everything in motion. Adora has proven to be the best ally possible. You see, it turns out that there are many people out there whose mission it is to assist would-be authors in moving past the “would-be” state.

Once I was clear and set the intention, things began to fall into place. First, someone to actually help me get my thoughts onto paper. Then a literary agent. Then Hay House. In a strange sort of way, it all came together quite nicely and easily. It flowed. Now, this was over a 2-year period mind you, but nonetheless, magic seemed to be happening all around me!

This whole process has really taught me (finally!) that the fear of asking for help is really silly and self-defeating. We get so wrapped up in not wanting to look silly that we actually do something stupid – we give up. In a blunt and honest assessment of myself, I’d have to ask how a guy who travels the world offering help to others could be afraid to ask for help.

The lesson here is to tell the truth to your allies even if you won’t accept it for yourself. In my heart of hearts, I knew this book needed to be expressed; I was just afraid to admit that I didn’t know how to do it.

But a huge part of playing The Bigger Game is accepting that you don’t need the how; the game will take care of that.

Here’s to you creating your red letter day!



  • Graham Reply

    What a happy day! Congratulations! You’re an inspiration.

  • Adora English Reply

    I’m so thrilled for you Rick! This book has been in the works for 20 years, and I am celebrating YOU today. Can’t wait for the NEXT one. XOXOXO

  • Christine Reply

    Bonjour Rick! Bravo, Congratulations! I’m so excited for you, today is a celebration. Bigger Game is traveling more and more, the last stop was recently in Montreal….and we just set-up new date for November (29-30) for a Bigger game in French! You are an inspiration – Love you xxx

  • Becky Scott Reply

    And what a great game to play! You can play it your whole life. It grows with you so it is as relevant at 10 as it is at 100. It teaches you strategy and is loads of fun…Congratulations, Rick!

  • Susie Reply

    Congratulations Rick! You were a leader in our CTI Balance course and we all got to observe you being coached on moving forward with your book. It is so very awesome to see that you did it. You are truly an inspiration to all of us out here finding our way towards what we want in our lives. I wish you all of the luck in the world. Thank you for all you do for us.

  • Leza Danly Reply

    SO happy for you, RIck… I knew this day would come, and in so many ways it is just the beginning of a whole new arc of discovery and self-expresion for you! I am celebrating the book, but even more I am celebrating the inner journey that got you to this day. Bravo!

  • Amy Reply

    We love you Rick. I completely understand the struggle with Self doubt and story. I too have a hard time surrendering into what wants to happen and unfold naturally!!!

    Hats off to letting go and giving it to the World!! AND…..thank you for letting me co-create that with you as a Bigger Game Trainer. I am scheduling my 2014 dates even as we speak!!

  • Cynthia Loy Darst Reply

    Woo Hoo!! Today is the day – here you go! It’s so exciting to imagine the Bigger Game Players that are just waiting to come and play.

    Looking forward to seeing what will unfold for you – and for us all – from here!
    I love you so!

  • Charles Lewis Reply

    You’re an inspiration to us all, Rick! Congratulations and all my best!

  • Debby Doig Reply

    Your Magic has now created a Miracle for our world. Thank you Rick!

  • Jacki Kingston Reply

    Congratulations Rick. I look forward to reading all about The Bigger Game. Bravo to you on your accomplishment.

  • Savoula Lidis Reply

    Rick & Chuck, congratulations. Bigger Game brought inspiration to IBM over 7 years ago, and continues to live with the individuals that were touched by the experience. So exciting to see the book release and know that it will touch many more!!

  • Michael Shapiro Reply

    Dear Rick and Chuck,
    I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. You are the Bigger Game. What a beautiful example. Congratulations!!

  • Veronique Pigeon Reply

    Congratulations to you Rick from Montréal! We have been waiting for this book for a few months and I am looking forward to reading it.
    Question to you: please identify where we can/should get a copy from? And… could i have the pleasure of getting one autographed by the one and only… You!?! Looking forward to your reply!

  • Debby Rauch Lissaur Reply

    Your humility and willingness to be vulnerable is what makes you and this work such an inspiration. I am so glad you have created this way of life called the Bigger Game. This book is but one piece of your considerable impact that is transforming the way people live, leading them to more meaningful and resonant lives. Way to impact the world! Amazing.

  • Rick Tamlyn Reply

    Thank you all for your very kind and inspiring words. It is so fun to share on a bigger scale. So want it to truly wake folks up to what is possible to create in their own lives. Have at it, share it, create with it. Your own Bigger Game awaits. Much gratitude to you all!

  • Maggie Lawlor Reply

    So excited to see this book a reality and out there in the world… Well done and you are such an inspiration to me and so many others. Can’t wait to read it and learn from it and share it with others. Take care. xxx

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