Create a Sensational Sample Coaching Session (that gets you hired)

Join Rick Tamlyn for an exclusive training
that discovers the HOW of a wildly engaging sample coaching session.


Thursday Nov. 9, 2023 • 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm PT

As a coach, it’s easy to become worried about “getting it right” during a sample coaching session. It might seem like everything you’ve learned, and worked towards, is coming down to one 30-minute block of time.


Ultimately, you want to get hired, so you want (okay… need) the sample session to be a homerun.


In a sample session:

  • You get to showcase your ability to actively listen. 
  • Ask powerful questions. 
  • Provide guidance.
  • And inspire change in your potential client. 


You need to create a strong first impression, instill confidence, and highlight your unique approach. 


I get it, all of that might sound like a lot. But, I have a few useful ideas up my sleeve to support you in being your most powerful self on these important calls (I’ve been doing these types of calls for over 25 years now!).


And as a bonus, what you learn can also be applied to booking yourself as a workshop facilitator, a speaking gig, or as a consultant.


Join me and discover the HOW of a wildly engaging sample coaching session. 

Thursday • Nov. 9, 2023
1:00 pm to 2:00 PT

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Meet Rick Tamlyn

Rick Tamlyn inspires people to be their best. 

He teaches that every experience, emotion, reaction, and relationship is All Made Up. As an author, activational keynote speaker, co-active trainer and thought leader in the inspiration business, Rick has delivered his message around the world to people and organizations from all walks of life.


Rick co-created The Bigger Game: a tool that inspires people from all walks of life to get out of their comfort zones and invent the lives they want.

He is the author of Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, A Lifetime to Live (Hay House).

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