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Rick Tamlyn presents
7 Action Steps to Build Your Business and Attract More Clients

Friday - January 24, 2020
9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET



Are you a life coach or heart-centered entrepreneur and your passion is to help others? And yet you find yourself searching long and hard for clients, and not making the kind of money that you know you should be?
Join Rick Tamlyn on a FREE Zoom training and discover how to attract more clients and grow your entrepreneurial business. 
Learn his Seven (7) Action Steps to Build Your Business and Attract More Clients.
If you’re muddling through your day, not sure where to put your attention, not sure how to attract clients that actually pay you what you know you are worth, join Rick for this very interactive training.
Rick is a successful leadership and personal development coach, and one of the first to receive the MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential from the ICF (International Coach Federation).  As a senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute, he has been training coaches since 1999.
Rick believes that your life is all made up, and it’s your birthright to create, design and live the life of your dreams. You can start to use his seven action steps immediately and you’ll start to achieve success like you never thought possible.
If you’re ready – like no kidding – to get serious about growing your coaching business, this is a must-attend event.


"I’m excited to share this
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